It all started when I pulled the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad off the bookshelf at home and read it. That book changed everything.  It provided a crystal ball that let me see my future, it didn’t look good.  That was the first time I realized that life wasn’t going to turn out like I had planned.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad served as my baby food, it introduced me to a world I was unaware that existed.
From that point, I began reading many more books; I said goodbye to TV and wasting time and began researching, reading and brainstorming. The switch in my mind flipped and I began to see everything differently. Everywhere I went, I would question the use and effectiveness of products, study the packaging design, consider the price point and learned how to find overseas manufacturers.  I began to carry a notebook at all times, writing down ideas for products and inventions as they came.
I was never concerned with the fact that this path was unknown, I knew the answers were out there.  I became aware of SCORE and met some incredible business leaders that continue to mentor me today.  Around the same time, I began attending 1 Million Cups, a free resource that connects entrepreneurs on a weekly basis.
What started as a flicker of interest has become a self fueling blow torch.  I love business!  I love opportunities and the excitement of creating my own company and pursing interests has made it easy to stay up at night and keep going.