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Esports BAR, Cannes, France

“Attending the Esports BAR in Cannes, France, was undoubtedly, the right decision.” Feb 12th – 14th 2018 The World’s Esports Business Arena….

VR on the Lot (West Hollywood)

“I was told this is a great event and to attend if possible, I went, and they were right!” October 13th –…

OC4 – Oculus Connect (San Jose)

“It was my first year at Oculus Connect. It’s a big deal to receive an invitation to the main event and I…

G2E – Global Gaming Expo (Vegas)

“What brought me to Vegas for the first time? G2E! It was one of the most worthwhile trips I’ve ever made!” October…

TGS – Tokyo Game Show (Tokyo)

“TGS was quite an experience and The VR Zone was incredible!” September 23rd – 24th 2017 Learn more about the show here.

Dota 2, The International (Seattle)

“I was new to eSports and this was the first event I attended. Now I get it!”  August 7th – 12th 2017…

Anime Expo (Los Angeles)

“This event was all about immersion.” July 1st – 4th 2017 Visit the Anime Expo site for more details. 

Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo (Toronto)

“I met people here that have opened doors I never imagined were possible.”  June 25th – 26th A one-of-a-kind symposium for experiential…

Oculus Launchpad (Menlo Park, CA)

“Incredible! That sums it up.”

E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo (Los Angeles)

“I went for the people in attendance more than for the conference itself.  I’m so glad I went, definitely a repeat.”  June…

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