I still remember sitting at the counter of a local coffee shop with a friend, talking about market size, strategies and all the areas of business I’m pursuing.  Her face went blank, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t get it.” She went on to say that she doesn’t think most people would understand but that I was obviously built for this and was meant to be an entrepreneur.  
You hear talk about support systems that some who go down similar entrepreneurial paths have in place.   Occasionally, some dig deeper and ask questions about your upbringing, parents and what you were told as a child. 
I certainly didn’t have it as bad as others, but it’s never as good as it could have been. It is a truthful statement to say that I don’t remember one word of encouragement while growing up in my house.  The nicest thing that was said to me took place while I was in 6th grade, by my teacher, Mrs. Sylvester.  We were headed back to our classroom I was a scrawny, messy haired, freckled face little girl.  On top of that, I remember how hot I felt on this particular day, sweat all over me and my cheeks red from the Florida sun.   Mrs. Sylvester was standing outside the door as our class entered back in to the room. She looked down at me as I waiting to walk through the door and said, “You’re going to be famous one day.” I didn’t smile, I was in shock, I think.  It was one of the rare times I ever heard something nice said about myself and I never forgot it.  
It’s my opinion that growing up with encouragement is wonderful and should occur.  But when you’re not use to getting it, it can strengthen you and cause you not to be dependent on the words of others.  I’ve heard other female entrepreneurs say, “What if your family doesn’t support you?”  My response is a confused yet factual, “So what?” I don’t spend time checking my back, waiting for someone to encourage me, I face forward. 
With that being said, I have found tremendous support since entering the VR space, incredible support actually.  This area is filled with cheerleaders and support on every level.  Everyone is in this race together and we genuinely want to see each other succeed.  I’m fortunate to have a dedicated mentor with a lengthy business background that is highly respected that sees my future brighter than I could have imagined.  He talks about the teams I will have in place, my future umbrella company and groups of lawyers and advisors that will report to me.
Here I come destiny, I’ve been waiting for you!