Nights that were once filled with The Food Network were replaced with articles from EntrepreneurBusiness Insider and Fortune. In the mornings, while stuck in the bathroom doing my hair and makeup, I would bring the laptop in and listen to recordings of Napoleon Hill.  Once I had his teachings permanently drilled in, I moved on to listening to interviews by top business leaders and minds of the past and present.  (This is one of my favorites:    I felt a shift in my mind, I started to see things like I had never seen them before. I questioned the design of everything.  I looked at pain points in lives across the world and asked how I could alleviate the issue and bring a value added change.  It became painful to waste time, because I had so much time to make up for. I no longer walked through the grocery store, grabbing items and tossing them into by cart.  Now, I felt frustrated.  Frustrated that it was not my product on the shelf, that I was not profiting from this purchase but that someone else was profiting from me.
Since this shift in lifestyle and mindset took place, I realized that I was living in black and white, now I see color!